Featured Ultimate Outdoor Gear Collection

The portable drying rack is perfect for drying your wetsuit, towels or outdoor gear while you are at the beach, office or on the road. You can even open it all the way open and use at home instead of a clothesline. Designed to give you maximum flexibility, the ultimate rack is the smart way to dry your gear. No more smelly gear in the back of the car waiting until you get home or hung on anything available. The Malo'o car rack protects your items while allowing them to dry. So, the next time your gear is wet, don't throw or dump, hang it!

The Malo’o DryPack is a 100% waterproof backpack. It’s an excellent choice for kayaking, boating, surfing or extreme wet conditions, this drybag is built to withstand. The DryPack features 500D PVC construction with welded seams and ergonomically designed padded back panels which provides exceptional comfort and support, while being a waterproof bag. Reinforced shoulder straps help the DryPack stay breathable and the sternum buckle helps provide additional stability and support. The DryPack is 35L and has a large front window pocket for your quick-access items and two external netted side pockets for flasks, flashlights or easy-to-access tools.

The portable, patented Fish & Game Rack is perfect accessory for fishing & hunting trips. The rack hangs over the side mirror of most trucks, vans, and cars and provides a great staging area for your adventure. The Fish & Game rack can hold fly fishing gear, fishing accessories, guns and more vertically within the two different sized clips. Place the butt on the ground and the top through the clips on the rod rack to store vertically so they won’t fall over.

Along with multiple accessories, Malo’o is the Adventurer’s partner!