Sand Wheels- A Lounge Wagon Accessory

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Material Sand Wheels

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The Lounge Wagon comes with 10" x 3" All-Terrain wheels as the standard. We chose these wheels because they perform well on both hard and soft surfaces, and they have an internal bearing that allows you to pull the wagon at higher speeds with a bike or e-bike. These wheels are also solid and don't require any filling, and they can support the weight of two adults sitting in the wagon on hard surfaces like concrete.

The Lounge Wagon Sand Wheels are specially designed for sandy terrain, with a height of approximately 10 inches and a width of 3.6" inches, providing a large surface area to make pulling the wagon on sand much easier. This set includes four wheels that can be added to any Lounge Wagon edition.

The sand wheels are sold in sets of two left and two right wheels. The concave face of each wheel should face out, and the tread pattern should be pointing forward on each wheel. These wheels have inner plastic hubs with polyurethane outer tires.


Pulling The Lounge Wagon on the sand. There are several factors that affect a wagon's ability to be pulled through sand. The type of sand (dry or wet, large granules or small) the wheels, the wagon weight, the weight of what is loaded into the wagon, and the strength of the person pulling the wagon. We have tested many wheels for sand performance, and remember we also need to support 2 adults when sitting. For large granules and wet sand, the All-Terrain Wheels perform best. For small granules and powder-type sand, the Sand Wheels perform best. 


(Click here for instructions to change All-Terrain wheels to sand wheels)


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