Lounge Wagon Cargo Hooks

  • $9.95

The Lounge Wagon Cargo Hooks are the perfect Lounge Wagon accessory for hanging bags, life jackets, towels, suits, and more! They are designed to be used when the Lounge Wagon is open and placed on the top of the back.

There are 5 black plastic S hooks in each package. When not in use, store them in the back zippered pocket.


    • 5 S Hooks per Bag
    • 1.25” Opening, 4” in Length, <1lb
    • Holds 10lbs.
    • Hang wet items to dry
    • Keep food off the ground
    • Use while Cargo Net is installed
    • Remove an S hook from the bag and place it on the Lounge Wagon backrest top bar
    • Place purses, bags, clothes, and other items on the hook
    • Remove and store in the back pocket when done