Malo'o GearStap

Regular price $15.00
Need to hang your gear and there is no vehicle  around? Try the Malo’o GearStrap. It’s perfect for Camping, Fishing, Snowboarding, and even the beach. It’s easy peasy - adjustable, customizable, lightweight, compact, durable and hold tons of gear. It’s 5’ long with 6 moveable double hooks and weighs only 5.4 oz., and can hold up to 25 Pounds. 
Most importantly it gets your gear up off the ground and away from critters! Pots, pans, backpacks, towels, hats, shirts, fins, mask, cleats, jerseys, gloves and so much more can hang from the Malo’o GearStrap. With a big hook on the end, you can hang it from trees, doors, racks, garage ceilings, doorways, pipes, umbrellas, anything that allows the strap to hang free and for air to circulate around the gear. 

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