Key Things to Know When Purchasing with Malo'o Outlet

Malo'o OutletWhen you're looking for outdoor gear, Malo'o Outlet is a great option to meet your needs at a low price. Whether you're looking for the Lounge Wagon, cooler, WetHoodie, dry bag, or rack, you can't beat the quality and value of a Malo'o Outlet product.

The products offered through the Malo'o Outlet are the same model & specifications as the new units but are returns or demonstration products that cannot be sold as new. Some may have scratches, dents, or blemishes but do not affect performance. Each item has gone through our factory inspection, and each will perform as well as a new item; they might just not be as pretty. Sometimes we sneak new items into the outlet when we are closing out models, so poke around.

Things to Know When Purchasing with Malo'o Outlet

• High Quality and Great Value - We offer the same warranty on our outlet products as we do on our new products.
• Malo'o Outlet Prices - The products in the Malo'o Outlet are discounted from the original price and therefore represent exceptional value.
• Discounts or Coupons - Are not valid on Malo'o Outlet products
• Warranty - All Malo'o Outlet products are sold with the same standard warranty as we offer on our new products.
• Free Delivery - There is no minimum purchase required to get free shipping when you buy with Malo'o Outlet (applies to Continental USA only)
• Sales are Final - All Malo'o Outlet sales are final and not available for return.
• Available in the Contiguous USA only

Thank you for considering Malo'o Outlet!

2 products found in Malo'o Outlet


Malo'o Outlet - The Lounge Wagon
  • $349.95
  • $269.95


Malo'o Outlet - Malo'o WetHoodie™ Fishing Gear
  • $99.95
  • $49.95