Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Malo’o?

Malo'o is pronounced [Mal-oh-oh] and it means "dry" in Hawaiian.
Malo’o the company, enables outdoor adventurers to enjoy more of what they love doing while drying their gear on the go. 
The Malo’o DryRack was designed to hang from the side mirror of any car, truck, van, SUV or RV and to dry wetsuits, towels, bathing suits, hats, or whatever you want it to. It collapsible for easy storage and the DryRack has padding so it won’t scratch your vehicle.


2. How is Malo’o different from other hangers and racks? 

Unlike others, the Malo’o DryRack was designed to be used on the outside of your vehicle, and to be able to dry a myriad of items. Additionally, the DryRack can be fully opened and can be hung off almost everything, so it’s perfect for camping and RVing.

Other mobile drying racks suction cup to your car, leaving marks and damage, but our patented design allows it to hang from anything, and it includes padding to make sure no damage is left behind. 


3. What can I hang from the Malo’o DryRack?

Use your imagination! Almost anything weighing up to 15 lbs. will hang securely from our current model.

Some items that we’ve seen: wetsuits towels bathing suits booties, hats, gloves, socks, pants, helmets, underwear, jackets, scarfs, backpacks, life jackets, purses, sandals, even waders and fish. Please see our "mounting" page for more hanging ideas.

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 4. What can the Malo’o DryRack hang from?

You can hang your Malo’o DryRack from just about anything. With its accompanying strap and rubberized handle and hinges, the Malo’o DryRack can hang anywhere.

Some places we’ve seen: cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, trailers, Semis, boats, trees, poles, towers, umbrellas, ladder, gutters, fences, outhouses, car doors, roof racks, shopping carts, shower head, and from the raters. Please see our "mounting" page for more ideas. 

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 5. What about cars with automatically folding mirrors?

It is NOT recommended to be used on the side-mirror of vehicles with automatically folding mirrors. Some vehicles will sense the rack and stop closing, while others might damage it. We suggest hanging the rack with a Malo'o strap from the top of the door jam or other suitable location.

6. What about cars that have a curve that prevent the rack and bumpers from fully resting on the side?

While the Malo'o DryRack works on almost any vehicle, it may not work on every vehicle due vehicle styling. When using the DryRack on the side mirror the handle should rest behind the side mirror and the two back bumpers on the side of the car. If this is not possible, we recommend using a Malo'o strap and attaching it to a different location on the vehicle. You can also use our new Malo'o Mounting Suction Cup. See attachment examples on the "Mounting" page. 

7. I have a low car and my wetsuit touches the ground, what can I do?

You can attach the DryRack to other parts of your car with the Malo'o Black Strap. If your car has a frame around the windows, you can lower the window a crack and strap the DryRack to the top of your door frame (see Image) 

If you vehicle does NOT have a frame around the window, then you can use the coat hook inside the vehicle. (most have one). Make a loop with the strap around the DryRack handle and pass through the window and hook over the coat hook. In both these cases, the DryRack will rest on your window and you can then dry your gear. (See images)

8. My Rack is not touching the side of my car?

Although the Malo'o DryRack fits the majority of cars, manufacturers are always changing body styles. If your car has a body curve or ridge below the side mirror and the rubber hinge bumpers won't sit flat against the side of the vehicle. A simple hack is to wrap some weatherstripping around the top of the rack where it meets the curve of the body. Once resting on that, dry away! See example here:

9. I fully open it. Is it broken?

No. We made the DryRack to fully open so it could be hung from trees, poles, etc. Pull the bottom and top bars together to collapse to open position or fully close.

10. What kind of shipping do you use for U.S. purchases?

At this time, we use USPS Priority 1-2 units and Fedex Ground for 3+ units. 

11. How are international orders handled?

International orders are now handled by Amazon as the shipping costs are lower and the importation process faster. Please visit Amazon and search for Malo'o

12. What is your return policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and it was made online, you can return your order to the warehouse within 30 days for a full refund. Please send an email to to initiate the return process.

13. I need to cancel an order, what do I do?

If you would like to cancel your order, please send us a message at as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to cancel it before it leaves the warehouse.

14. Do your products have a warranty?

Malo’o products are built to last. We stand behind every product we ship and work hard to set right any wrongs you may experience with our products. If you experience issues, please send the following info to 1) when you bought your Rack, 2) where you bought it, 3) the problem you are experiencing. Please remember to activate your warranty here:

15. How many products do you sell?

The Malo’o DryRack is our flagship product, and we've recently added our new DryPack Waterproof Backpack and our Fish & Game Rack.  Join our mailing list to learn when new products come out and to receive special deals and promotions!

16. Do you offer a referral program?

Yes, you can sign up as an individual on our Affiliate Program here:

17. Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes. If you are interested in in being an affiliate, please sign up here:

18. Can I share a picture of me using my Malo’o DryRack with you?

Yes, we would love it if you did! Please send a picture to us or tag us @malooracks

19. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we do! Please email us at for more information.

20. Can I blog about your product?

Yes! Please email us at to tell us more about your blog and you!

21. Is the DryRack Recyclable? 

Yes! The Malo'o DryRack is made from Polypropylene which is a polymer plastic that is a member of the ‘polyolefin’ (polymers produced from alkenes) family. It is a highly versatile material that has many beneficial physical properties, and most importantly it is also recyclable. 

If you would like to recycle your DryRack please contact your local recycler (USA) or send it to us at 5910 Sea Lion Place #140, Carlsbad, CA 92010

22: Safety: 

The Malo'o DryRack is for hanging items not exceeding 15 pounds or 7Kg. Do not use for items that move or change weight while on the DryRack. Do not use to hold animals or humans. Make sure when placing the DryRack and items to dry that they do not interfere with other vehicles. It is NOT recommended to drive with the DryRack on the side mirrors as it may inhibit the use of the mirror. The Malo'o DryRack is warranted to be free from defect for the life of the product. Return a defective DryRack to any authorized location for a replacement. User accepts and acknowledges that misuse of the DryRack, or failure to properly maintain the dryRack, invalidates the warranty. THIS IS THE ONLY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED FOR THE USE OF THE MALO'O DRYRACK. MALO'O AND ANY AUTHORIZED MALO'O DRYRACK RESELLER ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENCES OF USE OR FAILURE OF USE OF DRYRACK IN ANY APPLICATION, INCLUDING LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE, INJURY, DEATH, OR OTHER POSSIBLE LOSS RESULTING FROM USER'S USE OF DRYRACK. MALO'O IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONSEQUENCES, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, OF ANY TYPES OF DAMAGE FROM THE USE OF THE MALO'O DRYRACK. 

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