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Lounge Wagon
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 Lounge Wagon 


Lounge WagonThe Lounge Wagon™ by Malo'o is an all-terrain utility wagon that converts to a double chair and umbrella so you can easily haul your gear, then kick back and enjoy your time in the shade.  It’s perfect for your day at the beach, lake, park, sports field or any place you want to haul gear and have somewhere comfortable to sit when you arrive.

Listen, we get it. Carrying chairs, toys, boogie boards, towels, umbrellas, ice chests, fishing poles and the little ones can be a challenge. You’re either dropping items along the way or making multiple trips. And trying to drag a cart with small tires over sand and uneven ground isn’t any better. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created it.
Lounge Wagon is a 3-in-1 sports wagon, double chair and umbrella, that makes hauling all your gear simple so you can sit back and enjoy when you get there.

• Durable, all-terrain utility wagon large enough to hold your gear
• Comfortable double beach chair with head and arm rests
• Double wide umbrella for complete shade
• Large, sport wheels that roll easily over sand, dirt, gravel or uneven roadway
• Removable netting system to keep everything in its place
• Folds flat and buckles closed for easy transport – compact enough to fit in most car trunks, SUVs or that minivan
• Multiple pockets and storage spots to hold phones, drinks, keys, wallets and more

We’re Phil Kelly, founder and owner of Malo’o, and Chris Crawford, founder and inventor of RinseKit. We are avid adventurers and also like spending time outdoors with our families. Who knew that walking bare foot over razor sharp rocks – while carrying a surfboard – would be easier than hauling toys and snacks for a family beach day? Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the picture.
With several companies and many successful products developed between the two of us, we got to work together on something new. Something that would change the way we carried our stuff and how we enjoyed our time once we got there.

It all began with trying to take beach chairs, towels, coolers, bags, sand toys, boogie boards, umbrellas, and a 5 and 1 year old to the beach. Let’s face it, if you have kids, you’ve been there.
We’re both surfers who’ve traveled the world for the perfect wave, but going to the beach with groms is a totally different story. We knew we needed to bring innovation and efficiency to this problem. A new way to haul our gear and enjoy our time outdoors.

A wagon that wasn’t just a wagon. It needed be durable, collapsible and easy to use. It definitely needed all-terrain wheels so it could be easily pulled through the sand or over rocks. And it needed a way to keep everything in place. A bonus if it was easy to put things in and take them out. We also wanted to seat two adults, provide them with shade, and have places to store personal items.
We had our list of requirements, so we started designing and ultimately developed Lounge Wagon: a 3-in-1 utility wagon, double chair and umbrella.



The design process started with putting together computer models of what we wanted to build. We had to figure out how the cart sides would convert into a chair or fold away. Then we worked on the chassis (the base frame for the wheels) and the steering mechanism. We took our time with determining the best wheels for sand and other rocky surfaces. Next came the balance. We needed to make sure the seat held two full size adults and wouldn’t tip over.

We made prototypes and added in real-time info on what worked and what didn’t. Our first prototype was a great chair but lacked some of the wagon utility we wanted. Our second was a better wagon but took a step back on the lounge comfort. Through the next several prototypes, we kept improving each area until we had a working prototype that met our goals.

We’re proud of what we’ve developed, but are committed to continually make improvements throughout this Kickstarter campaign, the manufacturing period, and the extensive QC period so that you receive the best Lounge Wagon possible. We will be posting improvements and updates throughout the process.

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Lounge Wagon measures 45” long, 23” wide, 23” high, and stands 34” tall from bottom of the wheels to the top of the sides. The umbrella is 32” high and 10 feet wide! Plenty of shade for both people.

Made to Move

When it comes to sand and uneven terrain, many wagons can’t hack it. Lounge Wagon’s all-terrain rubber wheels are made to move across sand, dirt and rocky pavement so it can easily steer and haul your gear almost anywhere you go.

Easy Set Up

No PhD required. Pull up the side of Lounge Wagon to form the cart. Fold it down for the base of the chair when you’re ready to relax. The included cargo netting securely stores items, and the UPF 50+ umbrella attaches easily at the back of the chair.

Built to Last

Lounge Wagon is made from corrosion resistant materials and designed to hold up to 500lbs. The durable 600D polyester fabric sides securely store your goods and the bright blue color looks good too. You’ll be rolling up in style (see what we did there?). As a wagon, it’s made for strength and durability. As a chair, it’s comfortable and stable for two full-grown adults – no tipping over!


Lounge Wagon

Lounge Wagon

"Before I had to make several trips to the car to get everything for our day at the beach with our four children when my husband was at work. Now, it's just one! I still have the youngest in my arms, but the wagon is so easy to pull, it's not an issue. Thanks Lounge Wagon!                                 - Ash W., Laguna Beach, CA

"We bought 3 different wagons before trying the Lounge Wagon. They either didn't hold enough, could not make it through the sand with a load or simply didn't work. The Lounge Wagon is great with the way it converts to a double-seat and umbrella… great idea. Bonus: great for our kid's sporting events too!” - Nate S. , San Diego, CA

"...amazing, I figured the seat would be uncomfortable as it looks more like a wagon...was I wrong. Good job guys, I can sit here for hours!" - Nick K., Scottsdale, AZ




This isn’t our first rodeo. Both inventors of Lounge Wagon have had successful Kickstarter campaigns (Chris Crawford for RinseKit, Phil Kelly for Malo'o). And both campaigns delivered all products to all of the campaign supporters. Additionally, we have thousands of customers in countries all over the world, and are experienced in bringing new products to market. Together, with our production and design partners, we’ve developed and delivered hundreds of different products over the last several years. We know what it takes to make quality products, bring them to market and deliver them to customers. We may be two Southern California surfers, but we also get the job done and put in the hours at the office.

We are utilizing exacting manufacturing standards and materials, but with any new product, there are risks and challenges. We are taking every measure to control what we can, but with anything in life, there are some things out of everyone’s control. Some possible worst-case scenarios: the factory could close due to the pandemic, the freight containers could be lost at sea, or some other unpredictable event could delay production or delivery of Lounge Wagon. Quality Control is super important to us, so if there are any issues with QC it could extend the delivery times.

These conditions are extreme and ones that every product potentially faces. That’s why a dedicated support team, that will always go above and beyond, is in place to find a solution. Lounge Wagon has gone through several iterations and concrete plans are now in place for its production. We have CAD files. We have a manufacturer lined up. We are confident that we will be able to deliver a product that will live up to the demands of your next adventure, even if that’s trekking across a blazing hot parking lot and three football fields of sand to find the perfect spot.