Lounge Wagon Cargo Pad

  • $44.95

The Lounge Wagon Cargo Pad is a 4mm thick neoprene pad that fits in the bottom of the wagon when the sides are up or in cargo mode. The pad was designed to cushion the bottom when children or pets are riding inside or to protect items being transported. 

The pad can stay in the wagon when you convert it to a double chair or when you collapse for transportation. Don't need it right now? Roll it up and store it in its mesh bag and tuck it in the back pocket. 

    • 40" x 20" 4mm pad, ~2lbs.
    • Fitted to the cargo area
    • Waterproof neoprene material
    • Mesh storage bag
    • Remove from the storage bag
    • Open the Lounge wagon and place it over the bottom steel grate
    • The cargo net can be used on top of the pad
    • The pad can stay inside when collapsing the Lounge Wagon
    • Spray off with water and hang dry to clean