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The Patented Lounge Wagon™ is an all-terrain utility wagon that converts to a double chair and umbrella so you can easily haul your gear, then kick back and enjoy your time in the shade.

Take it easy! Listen, we get it. Carrying chairs, toys, boogie boards, towels, umbrellas, ice chests, fishing poles, and the little ones can be a challenge. You’re either dropping items along the way or making multiple trips. And trying to drag a cart with small tires over sand and uneven ground isn’t any better. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created a Lounge Wagon. It’s a durable, all-terrain sports wagon large enough to hold your gear. A comfortable double beach chair with head and armrests. And a double-wide umbrella for complete shade.

Lounge Wagon makes hauling all your gear simple so you can sit back and enjoy when you get there.

• Large, sport wheels that roll easily over sand, dirt, gravel, or uneven roadway
• Removable netting system to keep everything in its place
• Folds flat and buckles closed for easy transport – compact enough to fit in most car trunks, SUVs, or that minivan
• Multiple pockets and storage spots to hold phones, drinks, keys, wallets, and more

• Steel & Aluminum powder coated chassis frame
• Two adult seating capacity (500lb.)


"We bought 3 different wagons before trying the Lounge Wagon. They either didn't hold enough, could not make it through the sand with a load, or simply didn't work. The Lounge Wagon is great with the way it converts to a double-seat and umbrella… great idea. Bonus: great for our kid's sporting events too!”

- Nate S., San Diego, CA