Malo'o SeatGuard Non-Slip Waterproof Car Seat Cover

  • $45.95


The high-quality, durable Malo’o Non-Slip SeatGuard™ Waterproof Waxproof Car Seat Cover is just like our tremendously popular waterproof seat covers but with an additional layer of non-slip backing.

The Non-Slip version is also made of neoprene, just like a wetsuit, and is perfect for protecting your seats and keeping them dry after fishing, surfing, or other outdoor activities. These seat covers are totally waterproof and wax proof. Any mud, dirt, liquids, or surf wax on your wetsuit will stay on the cover and can be wiped away.

These are the LARGEST single-seat covers available on the market. They are big enough for all vehicles, including huge RV captain chairs, van, and truck seats. Just slide the LARGE opening over the headrest and tuck in the edges for a perfect cover. Your seats will be protected from the sun, mud, dirt, and water.

Great for camping, kayaking, and hiking trips, or after hot yoga, the gym, or a run. These high-quality, durable covers also work great as a pet seat cover to protect your car from wet or muddy fur. Or use it as a mat for the beach, campsite, or soccer field, or change out of your wetsuit. Roll it out and you'll have a comfortable surface to sit or stand on. Includes a compact mesh bag for easy storage. 


  • Neoprene 2.5 mm waterproof material
  • 62” long x 31” wide, 1.4lbs.
  • Headrest opening: 14.5”
  • Reinforced edges for durability
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Nylon mesh drawstring bag for storage
  • Protects your car from wax left on your wetsuit
  • Quick-dry, lightweight, super-soft neoprene


  • Place opening over the headrest
  • Tuck the cover down between the back of the seat and the seat's bottom
  • Tuck it along the sides for a smooth fit
  • Reverse and place in the storage bag when it is not needed

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