Dry your wetsuits, towels, booties, hats, suits...


Dry your gloves, balaclava, helmets, jackets, scarfs...


Dry your socks, pants, underwear, wadders, tops...

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The Smart Way To Dry Your Gear!

Malo'o DryRack

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The portable DryRack is perfect for drying your wetsuit, towels or outdoor gear while you are at the beach, office or on the road. You can even open it all the way open and use at home. Designed to give you maximum flexibility, the ultimate DryRack goes where you do. No more smelly wetsuits or gear in the back of the car waiting until you get home or hung on anything available. The Malo'o DryRack protects your items while allowing them to dry. So the next time your gear is wet, don't throw or dump, hang it!

Also our new Mounting Suction Cup is great for vehicles where the side mirror is low to the ground or have uniquely curved sides. 


Ridiculiously Rad

You can take it with you anywhere...the beach, mountains, camping, surfing, snowboarding...you name it!

Vehicle Hanging

Vehicle Hanging

From the closed position, rotate the bottom bar down until it locks into place just past a 90 deg. position. Place the rack over your vehicles side view mirror and hang the items to be dryed. 

Anywhere Hanging

Anywhere Hanging

Using both hands, pull apart the top bar, just above the hinges. The bottom bar will fall to fully open. Using the included hanging loop. secure it around the foam handle and hang from anywhere. 



Pull the rack off the vehicle or unhook the loop, collapse the top and bottom bars and fold close. The Malo'o storage bag is a great accessory.