Dry your wetsuits, towels, booties, hats, suits...


Dry your socks, pants, underwear, wadders, tops...

The Lounge Wagon

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Keep your electronics, snacks and gear dry anywhere


100% Waterproof Seat Covers

Malo'o (Mal-oh-oh) means "dry" in Hawaiian and we're dedicated to helping outdoor adventurers do more of what they love to do by holding and drying their gear. 


Ridiculiously Rad

You can take it with you anywhere...the beach, mountains, camping, surfing, name it!



The Malo’o DryRack makes a perfect car rack for drying wetsuits, towels, clothes and other outdoor gear. The DryRack is designed to slide over the side view mirror of most cars, trucks, vans and RVs.  It can also be attached with straps and suction cups. It’s padded, so no scratches. 



The Malo’o DryRack can open fully to be hung from just about anywhere. Roof racks, trees, poles, RV Ladders, railings, balconies and roofs are a few we’ve seen. It’s the perfect RV accessory, a Van Life must have, and the DryRack sure beats stringing up a clothesline somewhere. Attachment is easy with cinch strap or suction cup.  



The Malo’o DryRack works great at home, inside or outside. The Malo’o suction cup is a great solution for hanging your rack in the shower or on any smooth surface. Both the suction cup and rack are padded, so you don’t have to worry about scratches. The suction cup is strong enough to even hang from the ceiling.