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"The patented DryRack is just one of more than 100 products that Vista-based Malo’o outdoor gear company sells around the world."
Malo'o means "dry" in Hawaiian
Vista Open - March 09, 2022
""The Lounge Wagon by Malo would be a good choice. Its large sports wheels will roll easily across the soft sand.""
Best Beach Wagon
Glampin' LIfe - September 24, 2021
""The Malo’o Drying Rack is ideal to dry your gear when you are out and about on your next camping adventure. ""
Camping Gear Essentials for Your Next Trip
Outside How - April 26, 2021
"Malo’o makes some of the softest and stylish surf ponchos on the market."
The Top e Essential Items For Winter Surfing In The Hamptons
KDHamptons - March 02, 2021
"The WetHoodie™ performed flawlessly. The WetHoodie™ is amazing, it’s exactly what we wanted. "
Malo'o Launches New Innovation on Performance Fishing Clothing
Fox News - November 24, 2020
"There are several factors behind the success of Malo’o. • Great Products • Awesome Prices • Outdoor Adventurer Attitude • Responsiveness. "
Meet Phil Kelly | Chief Adventurer
Shoutout Social - October 27, 2020
""In this opportunity to chat with Phil Kelly of Malo'o on Crowdfunding""
Testing For Market Acceptance on Kickstarter
Crush Crowdfunding - October 02, 2020
"The Malo’o Dry Rack makes it easy to hang suits and get some drying time in when you stop for lunch or pull over to sleep for the night."
10 Things You Should Take on Your Next Surf Road Trip
Surfer - September 22, 2020
""Lounge Wagon is the ultimate wagon for your day at the beach, lake, park or sports field""
Malo'o Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Convertible All-Terrain Lounge Wagon™
Channel 2 News - July 28, 2020
"Chairs, bushes, RV awnings, and bikes may not be the best places to hang wet towels, swimsuits, etc. to dry. "
Rv Products: February 2020
Family RVing Magazine - February 01, 2020
" So, the next time your gear is wet, don't throw or dump — hang it. "
2019 Surfer's Gift Guide
Surfline 2019 Gift Guide - November 19, 2019
""Amazing Product...""
Startups and Entrepreneurs in San Diego
KUSI News - August 22, 2019
""Clearly this is a great product and one that will make people very happy ...""
DryRack: The Ultimate Drying Rack Review
Globo Surf - March 13, 2019
":For Fishing and Hunting Enthusiasts, it's a place to set aside their gear and unfold their collection of hooks, lures, sinkers and maybe an occasional snack.""
Portable Fish & Game Racks
AwesomeStuff365 - February 18, 2019
""No Scratch. No Smell. No Salt!""
The Inertia 2018 Surf and Outdoor Holiday Gift Guide
The Inertia - December 04, 2018
""...perfect portable dry rack that you can hang on any car...""
2018 Holiday Gift Guide For the Adventurer in Your Life
ISLE - November 29, 2018
"DryPack is perfect for keeping your gear, eats and gadgets dry..."
2018 Surfline Holiday Gift Guide
Surfline - November 18, 2018
""...solution to the damp wetsuit syndrome...""
Meet Phil Kelly of Malo'o in Solana Beach
SDVoyager - August 09, 2018
""Perfect for drying wetsuits, towels or outdoor gear while on the road""
2018 Surfline Camping Gear Guide
2018 Surfline Camping Gear Guide - July 18, 2018
"It's just so simple...which is why it's so nice to have. "
The Malo'o DryRack is the Solution to Keeping Your Outdoor Gear Fresh and Dry
Adventure Sports Network - June 18, 2018
""the smart way to dry your gear""
Dry Your Gear Anywhere, Anytime With The Malo'o DryRack
Killerstartups - May 18, 2018
""it's something you'll actually need""
Here's a Portable Wetsuit Drying Rack That You Might Actually Use
The Inertia - November 27, 2017
"Dry your gear before stuffing it in the car"
Mobile Drying Rack
GearJunkie - November 27, 2017
""...great for drying your gear while snowboarding or camping.""
The Smart Way To Dry Your Gear
Launching Next - August 13, 2018
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"A MUST Have for ANYTHING! This is a "must have" better yet a "necessity" if you do anything! The uses are endless. I bought it simply for surfing & when I go boondocking in my class B rv. To test it out I put a bunch of weight on it & it held up with out any giving away or scratching or evening denting my van. (I don't recommend doing this if you have small side mirrors). The other great use of the rack is when I'm detailing my vehicles. Hang rags, spray bottles, & even holds my buffer! I know I will find more uses for this... just give me time. Oh and Phil of Malo'o? Such a nice guy!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I'm at the beach hanging out all day, super stickler about getting salt water all over my car when I dry on my sideview. Your product completely eliminates that issue, why didnt anyone think of this sooner...brilliant!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Awesome Just got my Kickstarter perk, and Its better than I thought. I got a black one and used it right away drying my suit at the office after an early session. Can't believe someone didn't invent this before. Thanks Malo'o!"
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