The Malo'o mobile DryRack™ is designed for all outdoor activities from the ocean to the mountains and has the ability to attach to any vehicle.


The DryRack’s proprietary design hangs from a car’s side mirror, leverages itself on the side of the vehicle and includes padding as to make sure no damage is left behind. The two padded drying bars allow for maximum airflow and also help prevent wetsuits and other gear from stretching out. The optional strap allows the drying rack to be attached to anything such as a tree or lifeguard stand.


“How many times have you tried to dry your wetsuits, towels and outdoor gear only to end up with your car seats soaked and a pile of soggy clothing? Probably too many, and we don’t think anyone deserves that,” said founder Phil Kelly. “Malo’o is all about helping adventurers enjoy more of what they love to do by giving them a simple and efficient way to dry their gear while they’re on the go.”


The Malo'o DryRack™ can easily be transferred from vehicle to vehicle and is wide enough to dry wetsuits, beach towels, jackets and other outdoor gear. It also collapses for storage purposes, allowing for more storage space for other outdoor gear such as surfboards, snowboards and more.


About Founder

An active outdoorsman and recognized industry leader in high technology and e-commerce, Malo'o Founder Phil Kelly wanted to provide outdoor lovers an easier way to dry their gear while on the move. Before creating Malo'o, Kelly held positions at Dell and Motorola and is the author of the book "Asia 360: The Culture of Building Business in Asia ".

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"A MUST Have for ANYTHING! This is a "must have" better yet a "necessity" if you do anything! The uses are endless. I bought it simply for surfing & when I go boondocking in my class B rv. To test it out I put a bunch of weight on it & it held up with out any giving away or scratching or evening denting my van. (I don't recommend doing this if you have small side mirrors). The other great use of the rack is when I'm detailing my vehicles. Hang rags, spray bottles, & even holds my buffer! I know I will find more uses for this... just give me time. Oh and Phil of Malo'o? Such a nice guy!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I'm at the beach hanging out all day, super stickler about getting salt water all over my car when I dry on my sideview. Your product completely eliminates that issue, why didnt anyone think of this sooner...brilliant!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Awesome Just got my Kickstarter perk, and Its better than I thought. I got a black one and used it right away drying my suit at the office after an early session. Can't believe someone didn't invent this before. Thanks Malo'o!"
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