Malo'o DryRack Suction Cup

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The Malo'o DryRack was designed to hang over the side view mirror of cars, trucks, vans, and RVs. But what about everywhere else? The new Malo’o suction cup accessory is the solution. Stick it to shower walls, glass, RV ceilings, windows, doors, boats, any smooth surface where you can maintain suction. The suction cup hook was designed to hold the top of the Malo’o DryRack perfectly. Simply attach the suction cup, inside or out, and place the DryRack padded handle in the suction cup hook opening. Make sure the rubber padding behind the hinges is also making contact, and you’re good to go.

Maybe your car is too low to the ground to hang the Malo’o DryRack from the side view mirror or you have large ridges on your vehicle that prevent the rubber bumpers from making contact? Now there is a solution. Place the suction cup on the top of a side window and hang your DryRack there.

The Malo’o suction cup is a great solution for hanging anything even when they don’t need drying. Works with or without DryRack.


  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Works great in extreme temperature ranges
  • Padded so it won't scratch


  • Holds the DryRack and up to 20 lb. of gear
  • Available in Black and White 
  • Gel Grip Lock Technology
  • 3.25" x 5.25" x 2.5"


"Great rack...Wasn't sure if they would stick to my matte finish RV. The suction cup will probably adhere to stucco. Its crazy strong and sticky. This is one of those things you never knew you needed until you get one and you'll never hang your suit on your rear view mirror again. (John P. Verified Buyer

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