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The best waterproof seat covers can serve many purposes. Not only do they protect the seats in cars, trucks, vans and SUVs from dust, dirt and water, soda, juice or coffee spills, they can also make the seats more comfortable and prevent them from fading by shielding them from the sun's damaging UV rays. Additionally, if you have leather seats and live in desert area, seat cover maybe the only way to prevent bum burns!
Malo'o SeatGuard™ seat covers can also enhance the way seats look, feel and function. Available in a wide array of colors and styles and made from a variety of different materials, waterproof car seat covers can make car seats look better, last longer and help vehicles to have a higher resale value.
People use seat covers for a wide range of reasons. Their primary function is to prevent water, coffee, juice and other liquids that will inevitably occasionally spill on the seats from getting them wet and causing stubborn stains. Plus, they also provide protection from wear and tear and damaging exposure from blazing hot sunshine that causes cracking and fading. Large seat covers also make it easier to maintain a car's interior and reduce the need for expensive interior auto detailing and sanitizing. They also improve and increase the seats' comfort and durability.
No matter what you are protecting your seats from, Malo'o has a solution. Please see individual details on each offering. 

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