Seat Covers

The Malo'o Car Seat Covers are the perfect way to protect your seats from the sun, water, sweat, sand, surf wax, food, pets, fish guts and whatever else you might get into.

These are the LARGEST single seat covers available on the market. They are big enough for all vehicles, including huge RV captain chairs, van and truck seats. Just slide the LARGE opening over the headrest and tuck in the edges for a perfect cover. Your seats will be protected from the sun, mud, dirt and water. Or use it to keep your seats cool from the hot sun or warm up cold leather in the winter.

• The Malo’o seatGuard™ Car Seat Cover Towel is a soft, polar fleece seat cover perfect for protecting your seats after the beach, gym or a run. Not waterproof.

• The Malo’o SeatGuard™ Terry Cloth Waterproof Seat Cover is dual-layered with an absorbent soft terry cloth sitting surface and a waterproof backing to completely protect your car seats from dirt, water and the sun.

• The Malo’o SeatGuard™ Neorprene Car Seat Cover is made of neoprene and perfect for protecting your seats and keeping them dry after fishing, surfing or other outdoor activities. These seat covers are totally waterproof and waxproof. Any mud, dirt, liquids, or surf wax on your wetsuit will stay on the cover and can be wiped away.

What Customers Are Saying:
" Awesome Protection: T bought these to protect my seats from my dog hair and sand. After removing them after a day at the beach, my car was almost perfectly clean, you would have never known! Highly recommend!!!" - Nicole H.
"Best products out there. The seat covers are a life saver! No leakage in the early morning when I have my wetsuit on. Thank you PK and crew" - Shea R.
" Da Best! Couldn't be happier with these neoprene seat covers. I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on seat covers that will just end up smelly and are difficult to remove. These are perfect because I can put them on when I need them and easily remove them to clean or dry them out afterwards. Mahalo Malo'o " - Chad M.