Lounge Wagon Side Table

  • $45.95

The Lounge Wagon Large Side Table attaches to the armrest of all Lounge Wagon models and provides a great space for food and drink. Specifically designed with a spill-proof cup holder, and perimeter rims to keep items from falling out. Attach one or two, the tray can attach to either armrest. 


    • 15" x 9.2" x 2.5"
    • Weight: 2.1 lbs
    • Attaching thumb screws
    • Setup takes less than 30 seconds
    • Durable plastic material
    • LW pockets accessible underneath the tray
    • The side table can attach to either armrest
    • Place the table underside long groove over the armrest
    • Tighten two of the thumb screws to secure them to the armrest (the third not required) 
    • When not in use, store in the back pocket