Malo'o WaterParka XL

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The Malo’o WaterParka is a perfect addition to your cold weather gear.
When the wetsuit, hoodies, and booties and come out, freezing while changing just isn’t a good idea. We designed this waterproof and windproof parka for changing while at the beach, lake or mountains and for a time when a towel around the waist just doesn’t cut it.

The first thing you notice about the Malo’o WaterParka is the size. It’s designed to go over a wetsuit and to provide you room to change. There's nothing nothing worse than having to continually check to see if you’re covered while bending over or pulling your wetsuit off. The Malo’o WaterParka will cover you even if you are 6’8”!

The WaterParka is lined with lambswool fleece, even in the sleeves to keep you oh-so warm. The exterior is waterproof and windproof polyester and includes two large front pockets. We’ve included a 2-way all-weather zipper so you can zip it up tight to keep the elements out and zip up from the bottom to make changing easier.

Whether you're fishing in Montana, surfing in California or boating in New England the Malo’o Parka will keep you warm and protected from the elements.

More Benefits
  • Change into your wetsuit at home and drive to your break without having to worry about getting wax on your car seats. The WaterParka is long enough to cover your entire seat.
  • Parka Only? We’ve even been know to drive home, after changing, with only the parka on. After getting out of the freezing water, it’s just that nice. 

Product Details

  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • Lambswool fleece lining
  • 2 Large exterior pockets
  • Longer hem to cover the “backside”
  • Lined hood
  • 2-way zipper - usable from inside or outside
  • Machine washable