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-20 lb. holding capacity
-21.1” l x 11.95” h x 3” w (closed)
-21.1” x 11.95” x 11.95” (open)
-Weighs 2.7lbs
-Lightweight, durable, and portable
-Protective padding on the back of the hinges and handles so it won't scratch
-Two drying bars for space to hang dry multiple items
-The convenient design folds flat for easy storage
-Suction cup and rack clips accessories offer even more versatility and are great for vehicles where the side mirror is low to the ground

-Open DryRack and slide the opening between the curved bar and the straight bars over the side-view mirror
-Adjust the top padding so it is behind the mirror and the rubber pads at each hinge rest comfortably on the side of the car
-Pull off and collapse for the next use
-Warning: If the hinge pads do not rest on the side of the car due to the auto body design, do not use the DryRack on the side mirror. Please use a Malo'o suction cup and attach it to a window or flat surface where the handle and hinge pads make contact with the vehicle.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice build quality

Nancy C.
DryRack Nice inside and outside

Good conception! Nice look!

Da i.
DryRack review for Subaru Outback 2018

The Malo’o DryRack fits perfectly on the side mirrors on the Subaru- holds two wetsuits, or full suit and a towel without touching the ground. This also allows for drying without saltwater to touch the side of the car as well. When you add DryRack accessories clips you can fit gloves and boots as well. The most important thing when reviewing this rack is the ability to hold weight, plenty of gear, without destroying your gear or your car/truck/van. For a full test of this we used a 5/4mm Hooded full-suit, 1 towel, a pair of 3mm gloves, and 5mm boots both on clips. The DryRack held the weight, bent a little without distorting the rack, the car mirror, or dipping too low and allowing the gear to fall into sand/dirt, or water.

Last test was for longevity, the rack was first purchased in 2020, another rack in 2021. Both are still fully intact. Both are easily washed with water; however, one rack has not been- yet both remain completely functional and intact.

This set has been complimented since 2020 with a Malo’o changing back- also still intact and in perfect condition and a seat cover. The seat cover will not run perfectly flush with your vehicle as it is not made to be a completely snug custom fit for all cars, but it makes driving to your next spot completely safe for your car seat and has yet to show any signs of wear and tear.

Very cool!

This rack is great. It easily fits over my mirror and stays put. I got the clips as well and they work well for fishing poles and booties. Definitely a very cool rack.

John B.
need more colors

need more colors

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