Malo'o DryRack

  • $46.95


The Malo’o DryRack is a durable, lightweight, portable drying rack ideal for drying your wetsuit, towels, or outdoor gear while at the beach, on the road, or in the office.

Don’t leave your wet stuff in the car and end up with smelly, mildewy gear. The Malo’o DryRack has two drying bars and can hold up to 20 lbs, so you can use it as a wetsuit hanger to air dry towels and swimwear and hold or dry your outdoor adventure gear wherever you go. With padding on the handle and hinges to prevent scratching, you can hang it almost anywhere. Or open it all the way and use it at home instead of a clothesline for more drying space.

Go from the beach to the office without worrying about a smelly car or damaging your gear. Let it hang dry on the Malo’o DryRack.

  • 20 lb. holding capacity
  • 21.1” l x 11.95” h x 3” w (closed)
  • 21.1” x 11.95” x 11.95” (open)
  • Weighs 2.7lbs
  • Lightweight, durable, and portable
  • Protective padding on the back of the hinges and handles so it won't scratch
  • Two drying bars for space to hang dry multiple items
  • The convenient design folds flat for easy storage
  • Suction cup and rack clips accessories offer even more versatility and are great for vehicles where the side mirror is low to the ground
  • Open DryRack and slide the opening between the curved bar and the straight bars over the side-view mirror
  • Adjust the top padding so it  is behind the mirror and the rubber pads at each hinge rest comfortably on the side of the car
  • Pull off and collapse for the next use
  • Warning: If the hinge pads do not rest on the side of the car due to the auto body design, do not use the DryRack on the side mirror. Please use a Malo'o suction cup and attach it to a window or flat surface where the handle and hinge pads make contact with the vehicle.