Lounge Wagon Umbrella Base Stand

  • $39.95

The Lounge Wagon Umbrella stand is the perfect accessory to hold your umbrella when you are on hard ground. The stand will hold both the Lounge Wagon canopy umbrella and the 7' round umbrella. It's lightweight and compact and can be placed in the Lounge Wagon back pocket when not in use. 

    • 34" wide base when open
    • Collapses to 16"x5", 3.5lbs.
    • Steel for strength and durability
    • Collapses for easy transportation
    • Works with both Lounge Wagon umbrellas
    • Stores in the back pocket
    • Pull each leg up and then out starting with the leg on the outside
    • Once all legs are out and secure, place them under the back of the Lounge wagon per the pictures above
    • Side the bottom part of the umbrella pole through the loop on the back of the Lounge Wagon and into the umbrella stand
    • To collapse the stand - pull the legs out and then up and repeat