Malo'o Portable Shower Bag

  • $24.95

The Malo'o Portable Shower Bag is perfect for surfing, camping, hunting, hiking, kayaking, biking any outdoor adventure where you get sweaty and dirty and would love a shower. You can pay up to $400-$600 for fancy portable showers but why when a simpler one will work? Simply fill the bag with up to 5 gallons of water and hang it in direct sunlight. The solar absorption bag will heat the water in a matter of hours. Then simply adjust the shower valve and let gravity provide you with a refreshing shower. Simply collapse and roll up and store in the mesh bag for next time.

  • 5 Gallon / 19 Liter capacity
  • Adjustable flow showerhead
  • Mesh storage bag
  • 4-ply PVC construction
  • Solar heat with temperature gauge
  • Toiletry pouch


  • Remove the shower bag from the storage bag
  • Slide the clear shower hose onto the nipple on the front side
  • Open the large circular fill inlet and fill from the hose, bottle, or any water supply
  • Hang the shower bag above your head and in the sunlight (solar heat)
  • Turn the shower head valve and enjoy