Getting out of the water just got easier!

A changing poncho is one of the most underrated pieces
of outdoor sports equipment you can get. Getting out of
the water after an awesome surf session or beach day can
be the worst. Chilly. Damp. Exposed. This large, cozy
garment stays in place way easier than a towel around the
waist and quickly gets your core temperature back up
when getting out of the water.

For a mild day, go for the poncho. On very cold days, opt
for a changing parka with both allowing you to change
clothes with confidence even on a busy beach. Initially
designed for surfers who needed to warm up and get
changed before heading off to school or work, their use
has expanded to many outdoor activities including
triathlons and other water sports.

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Malo'o Changing Poncho
  • $49.95
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Malo'o SurfParka
  • $109.95