December 02, 2017

Malo‘o, the Ultimate Mobile Drying Rack for Surf to Snow, Continues to Raise Funds on Kickstarter

Malo‘o allows adventure seekers to dry their gear easily from anywhere at any time

San Diego, California - Malo‘o recently launched their campaign on Kickstarter for the Ultimate Mobile Drying Rack with a funding goal of $10,000. The Ultimate Drying Rack easily dries outdoor gear by attaching to any vehicle’s windows, mirrors or railings.

“As an adventure seeker, I needed a quick way to dry my gear on the go. I found that all of the solutions out there have their downfalls. They suction to your vehicle, creating damage, or fall off if there is a layer of salt on your car. Some are permanent and can’t be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. They don’t collapse, so they leave you with less room for your gear. You get it,” said founder Phil Kelly. “The Ultimate Mobile Drying Rack was designed to eliminate these issues so adventures seekers can focus on their adventures, not their wet gear.”

The Ultimate Drying Rack weighs just 3 lbs. and includes two padded drying bars wide enough to hold towels, wetsuits, jackets, gloves and with a weight capacity of up to 30 lbs. The two padded bars will not stretch out gear and the rack has additional padding to ensure no damage is left on any vehicle. A strap is also included to help users attach the Ultimate Drying Rack to anything, anywhere, including a tree or lifeguard stand, for wherever their next adventure takes them.

Not only is The Ultimate Drying Rack the perfect addition to any beach or camping trip, it makes for an efficient way to dry snow and ski gear as well, making it useful for any season. It is simple to take from place to place or car to car because it is collapsible, which leaves more room in a vehicle for skis, snowboards, surfboards or other outdoor gear.

Early backers of Malo‘o can pre-order the Mobile Drying Rack for a discounted price of $29. For more information, visit

About Malo’o

An active outdoorsman and recognized industry leader in high technology and e-commerce, Malo‘o Founder Phil Kelly wanted to provide outdoor lovers an easier way to dry their gear while on the move. Before creating Malo‘o, Kelly held positions at Dell and Motorola and is the author of the book “Asia360: The Culture of Building Business in Asia.” To learn more about Malo‘o visit

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