Christmas Gear for Surfing Grandpa

Christmas Gear for Surfing Grandpa

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Malo'o Racks SUP

It’s usually tough to find a good gift for an older surfer. They have more than likely tried many different boards and suits over the years and have probably settled on their favorites. You’re probably not going to change their mind on these so let’s see what else might work.

I got the idea for this blog last week when we had a booth at a local holiday street fair. It was a very busy start that day and I noticed that a majority of our visitors were 45 years old or older and men. A little strange as the fairs at this time of year are usually dominated by women, shopping for others. The men were looking at our gear and some in the booths around us, all related to the water or outdoor sports and I started seeing they were pretty interested and asked them if they had one. “No” was the usually answer. I then realized this age group probably has all the clothes they need, and favorite outdoor gear. But they don’t have the newest products out or accessories they didn’t know about.

So I decided to put together a Christmas List for the Surfing Dad or Grandpa of things they would love but probably don’t have.
1) Surf-Fur $159.00 An amazing warm parka for charging after surf. If they are a dawn patroller, they will love you for this. It’s windproof, warm and big enough to cover everything while they are changing out of their wetsuit. The Surf-Fur is made out of Polyester Fleece and is machine washable.

Malo'o DryRack

2) Malo’o DryRack $39.99  It’s a wetsuit drying rack that hangs of the side-view mirror of most all vehicles. It’s portable, collapsible and weatherproof. Available in black or white, it works at home also. It can be hung in the garage, on the side fence, or in the shower when the weather is poor outside. It’s backed by lifetime warranty.

Search GPs Surf Watch

3) Search GPS2 Watch $299.95 This watch is waterproof and shows the swell, wind, and tide. It also tracks the surfers session with distance, speed, number of waves, paddling distance and can even visually show each ride. It also integrates with Surfline for surfing forecasts. 

Surf ear Plugs

4) Westone Surfer Ear Plugs $190 I have worn these for the past several years and I no longer get ear aches. The surfer will need to go to an audiologist to get fitted and the plugs will take about 2 weeks to make, but they are custom fitted to the surfers ears and work incredibly well. 

Leus Towel

5) Leus Surf Towel $47.99 all towels are not created equal. First, surfers use their towels for changing as much as drying off and an XL towel is always appreaciated. These towels look great, are super absorbant, and can take the beating. They are 100% cottom and ultra-plush.

Malo'o Waterproof duffle

6) Malo’o Waterproof Duffle $54.99 This huge DryBag is big enough to hold anyone’s surf gear, snow gear, boating or kayaking gear. When rolled, it’s totally waterproof with 2 internal mesh pockets and one large external waterproof pocket. You can carry over the shoulder or by handles and warrantied for LIFE!

Beach Sandal

7) Reef Cushion Bounce Phantom Sandals $42.00. Amazingly comfortable and it makes you feel like you are walking on a springy floor, almost like a trampoline. 


8) Stanley Classic Thermos $32.98 two quart stainless steel just like everyone's father use to carry. It has an insulated lid that doubles as cup and a lifetime warranty!

Wetsuit Rack

9) 7TILL8 Reversible Custom Surf Wetsuit $580 I know I said to stay away from wetsuits, but if money is no object, you can’t believe these suits. The #40 Yamamoto limestone neoprene is the softest fabric I’ve ever felt. Yes, it’s reversible and it just feels like a second skin, no kidding. Once they put it on, you might see them wearing it way too much! I guess that’s why it costs as much as it does. 

Hitch Hide A Key

10) Hitchsafe Key Vault for Trailer Hitch. $47.87 I have one of these and have used it almost everyday for about 3 years. It slides into the trailer hitch and locks to secure the vehicle key while out surfing. It has a rubber cover so no one even knows it’s there. It’s big enough for key fobs and Tiles. 

Piss Off

11) Rip Curl Piss off Wetsuit Shampoo $10.95 All surfers need this as we do not shampoo our wetsuits enough. The neoprene needs it and it will also cut the smell that usually creeps in over time. Easy-peasy to use

Malo'o Towel Seat Cover

12) Seat Cover Towel $19.99 One of our favorites, of course. Large at 62” x 31” and fits even the largest captain’s chairs of van and truck seats. Soft and quick-dry Polar Fleece Microfiber. Protects the seat from wax on the bottom side of wetsuits, great for drying off, and for the ride home.

Happy Holidays to all. I hope this gives you a couple of ideas that maybe you had not thought about for your surfer. Please have a safe and happy holiday season!

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