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Boat Rail clips


If you love fishing from your power boat like I do, then you have wrestled with the “how to hold them” until we get there. I use to just lay my rods around the bow, but they have a tendency to bounce, get tangled, and slide all over the place.

I tried a few of the fishing rod holders that hold your gear once you have arrived at your spot, but they are not great for the ride. In fact, I lost one rod when it flew up and out of the holder when I wasn’t looking. Amazon, West Marina, Cabela’s all have a great selection of fishing rod holders for when your line is in the water, but nothing else.

Then I thought maybe someone makes boat rail clips that can hold my rods while in transit? A quick search of the major retailers turned up rail clips for lines or power cords, clips for towels and clips with drink holders but nothing for fishing rods.

Ok, so maybe we were the only people with this problem or maybe we were the only people willing to solve this problem. We needed boat rail clips or bow rail clips that would function as a boat rod holder. They needed to be sturdy, durable, waterproof and capable of holding a fishing rod in place while in transit. That simple!

So, we decided to make them. The Malo’o Boat Rail clips for Fishing Rods are now available through Amazon. They fit 7/8” or 1” bow or hand rails and come in two sizes. One for smaller poles and one for larger. You simply slide the clips onto the rail and place the handle or butt cap on the floor and snap the pole into the clip opening. The clips are two-sided. One goes onto the rail and the other holds the rod.

You can line up several rods next to each other and the clips will keep the rods from falling overboard or getting tangled on the desk. Some people even use the clips to hold their rods while having lines in the water. If you are after large catch, you should use a stronger rod holder, but for the small stuff, the fishing pole holder for boats will work fine.

We have had great acceptance of the new clips. So, the next time you’re trying to keep your rods organized on the boat, think about these simple boat rail clips.

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