The Ultimate Beach Wagon

The Ultimate Beach Wagon

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Lounge WagonThere are several brands of beach wagons in the market you can select from based on several factors, and most have been around for years. It is worth noting that the ultimate beach wagon is relative, depending on individual requirements.

A beach cart is a wagon with wheels that can be rolled smoothly over sand despite the items' weight. It is worth mentioning that beach wagon wheels are not all the same. Some will work well on wet or dry sand and others on soft sand.

 All existing wagons can help you get your gear from your car or house to the beach, but only one converts into a two-person beach chair. It is the brand new, patented Malo'o Lounge wagon!

 People need beach carts for different reasons, but they usually come in handy for families with young children. A trip to the beach should not be a hassle where make multiple trips are required to get everything. Having the proper wagon for the beach can make a significant difference and have you looking forward to going to the beach instead of dreading it.

 Before getting into some of the ultimate beach-cart features, let's discuss a few things you should know about beach wagons.

 Beach Wagon

 Most models of beach wagons in the market are pulled by hand, but you can affix a couple of variations to a bicycle or e-bike. Wagons make it convenient for you to carry your items from your car or house to the beach without having to make several trips. Some are very strong and durable, and others are lightweight and cheap. If you plan on bringing it in your vehicle, make sure whatever you are considering can fit.

 While a beach cart is primarily convenient for families with younger kids, it is not only designed for beach use. There are plenty of other places you can use it. For instance, you can use it to transport your items to any outdoor event like concerts, festivals, barbeques, picnics, parks, soccer fields, ballparks, and lakes.


Tips for Your Beach Wagon


  • It is essential to take proper care of your beach cart if you want it to last for an extended period. Clean it properly after each use. Use warm water and mild dish soap to clean any stains. You can also use a protectant like "Scotchguard" on the fabric.
  • Durable steel wagons should have a rust-retardant sprayed on the chassis before use and washed off after each use.
  • The umbrella should be affixed to the outside of the wagon to free up interior space.
  • Exterior pockets are great for sunglasses, sunscreen, wallets, and keys. A big back compartment is great for towels, purses, and suits.  
  • One model includes a cargo net to keep all of your items inside and prevent them from falling out.
  • Packing a wagon should start with the heavier items on the bottom to create a solid base. Filling this way prevents your wagon from tipping over whenever you are pulling or pushing it.


Lounge Wagon Features

Everyone may have a different set of features they are looking for when buying a beach wagon. Below are the ones the Lounge Wagon includes

 ·      Cup holders & Cooler Areas

The Lounge Wagon has drink holders on both armrests, along with small pockets for phones, keys, and wallets. In addition, the Malo'o Backpack Cooler is a perfect Lounge Wagon accessory. It can be carried in the wagon to your destination and then hung on the back with the Lounge Wagon S Hooks.

·      Wheels

One of the essential features you should consider when purchasing a wagon is the wheels. You need to ensure that the wheels can travel both on rough terrain and sand without causing you any inconvenience. For instance, if you purchase a wagon with broader large wheels, you will notice that it smoothly moves over the sand. A large surface area allows wheels to have a better on rough terrain. Solid rubber wheels are better for hard surfaces and all-terrain.

The Lounge Wagon comes standard with 10" x 3" solid rubber wheels that are great for all types of terrain. They are exceptionally durable when two adults sit in the wagon on a hard surface, like at a sporting event. In addition, the Lounge Wagon optional Sand Wheels are more expansive with a flatter surface to help move more quickly in soft sand environments.

·      Handle

The handle of your wagon is also vital. You need to have one long enough for comfortable pulling and durable enough to take the constant tugging and pulling.  The Lounge Wagon has a long steel handle with a padded grip for comfort.

·      Collapsible or Foldable

All wagons have some form of collapsibility. If you have a small car, you'll need one that collapses very small, but it won't have many features. However, if you leave near the beach and pull it to the shore, you can have a larger, more robust wagon. A wagon needs to be as convenient and portable as possible. Ensure it can fit in the space available in your car, shed, or garage. While plenty of wagons for beach models are foldable, not all are collapsible.

The Lounge Wagon is collapsible with multiple tie-down to keep it collapsed. It also has five handles on either side of the wagon.

·      Materials

Most beach wagons are constructed using lightweight materials intended to reduce the overall weight of the wagon. As a result, these wagons cannot carry much weight and cannot be used as a seat.

The Lounge Wagon is a new category of beach cart. It is made from steel with solid rubber wheels and 600D Oxford Cloth material. The Lounge Wagon allows you to leave your beach chairs at home. It provides a massive amount of hauling space, and after you arrive, it converts into a two-person beach chair with an umbrella. It is not light, but it is very durable.

·      Capacity and size

Wagon models come in different capacities and sizes, so you must be careful to select one that fits your needs. For example, suppose you have a family. The length and breadth of the wagon you choose should comfortably accommodate all your items without you squeezing or jamming them in.

Capacities can be deceiving. One wagon can have a total of 100lbs, but it's impossible to haul because of the handle or wheels. Others may roll better but have limited capacity.

The Lounge Wagon can comfortably seat two adults and has a 500lb seating capacity. A steel frame with a mesh bottom allows sand, water, and other elements to escape. The wagon has > 11 Cubic Feet of cargo space and comes with a cargo net to ensure everything stays inside. 

·      Types of Terrain

You should also consider the types of terrain that the wagon is designed for. For example, you should go for larger wide wheels if your buggy is primarily meant to be used at the beach. On the other hand, using it at soccer fields or on hard surfaces, a solid rubber wheel would be better.

Lounge Wagon Story

It all began with trying to take beach chairs, towels, coolers, bags, sand toys, boogie boards, umbrellas, and a five and 1-year-old to the beach. Let's face it; if you have kids, you've been there. 

Phil & Chris, both surfers who've traveled the world for the perfect wave, but going to the beach with groms, was a different story. They knew they needed to bring innovation and efficiency to this problem—a new way to haul gear and enjoy family time outdoors. 

A wagon that wasn't just a wagon. It needed to be durable, collapsible, and easy to use. It needed to be all-terrain so that it could be easily pulled through the sand or over rocks. It required a big hauling capacity, and it should be easy to load and unload. They also wanted it to seat two adults, provide them with shade, and have places to store personal items. 

In 2020, very successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns were held, and in 2021, shipments began. Recently, the Lounge Wagon waterproof cover and cargo hooks have been added to the line-up, along with the grey version of Lounge Wagon. Soon, wide sand wheels and multiple umbrella options are on the horizon.



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