The Ultimate Fishing Adventure Tool

I know you’re thinking it probably a new rod, or reel. Maybe even a new lure, or a knife, but it’s none of these. There are always new tools and gadgets coming on the market for fishing sportspeople, but we’ve come up with one that will make your life easier.

A couple of questions first:
• Have you ever placed your rods against something and had them fall over and get tangled?
• Has your rod ever slipped or fell while you were trying to tie lures, weights or hooks?
• Have you ever wished you have a third hand?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, the new Malo’ Fish & Game Rack is for you! The rack hangs over the side mirror or most trucks, vans, and cars and provides a great staging area for your adventure. The F&G Rack can hold both rods vertically with two different sized clips. Rods can also lay across the top of the rack for tying lures, hooks or sinkers.

When your day is done, remove the tray and dry your gear.

The Malo’o Fish & Game Rack is available for pre-order now and will be shipping before the end of November.