Which is the Most Popular Outdoor Adventure Activities for Recreation?

Which is the Most Popular Outdoor Adventure Activities for Recreation?

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Living an active, fun-filled lifestyle is vital to a healthy life, and most health experts will readily nod to this. And going by the $646 billion spent by outdoor adventure junkies in the US every year, it’s great to note how multitudes still keep this tradition alive.

If you would like to re-ignite the adventure ninja in you this summer, be sure you will not miss a perfect pastime to do. You can trek granted it is the most popular activity amongst adventure travelers, today. If trekking isn’t your favorite, there are a few others, including surfing, kayaking, mountain climbing or even camping at a safe, exotic spot away from home.

For the most popular outdoor adventure activities worth trying this vacation season, there’s a compiled list of the most upheld ones.

  1. Cross-country skiing

During summer, you will not miss something to do. However, when winter knocks, the only outdoor activity that would bring some thrill and excitement your way is Cross-country skiing. It combines hiking and skiing and thus a plus for hikers.

  1. Backpacking

You can rally your friends for an exhilarating overnight backpacking expedition. The best thing about this form of backpacking is since it involves a few days of camping at an exquisite location away from home. Essentially, it is a form of hiking and camping, and it serves to break the boredom of your regular style of living.

  1. Snowboarding

Surfing isn’t the only fun-filled sport for ardent surfers. You can try snowboarding; an American pastime that’s rapidly gaining mainstream attention, if surfing has always been your #1 sport.

  1. Snowshoeing

What an excellent way to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the outdoors during the cold winter period? If you think this is just another unpopular activity, you will be shocked that over 500 American schools currently offer it as part of their physical education curriculum.

  1. Trail running

If hiking no longer excites you, try Trail Running. There are over 4.5 million trail runners who crisscross the mundane trails while breaking a sweat every summer. You just need to find a team of psyched up partners before you participate in it as well.

  1. Wakeboarding

Can’t surf because the sea is calm and there are no tides? Try wakeboarding and enjoy a different dose of excitement. Unlike surfing, this one is safer, fashionable and will definitely give you a rare amount of thrill!

  1. Sailing

You don’t need to book a cruise ship to appear romantic anymore. Sail with your loved one and enjoy the calm, tranquil surrounding as you relax and captivate the imaginations.

  1. Scuba diving

For an experience outside the conventional, try this rare and stunning outdoor adventure. Scuba diving isn’t a regular pastime, and you might need to be certified before going for it!

  1. Whitewater rafting

Unlike all the other solo activities on this list, Whitewater rafting is perfect because as a team sport, it can unite veterans and novices alike. This sport, however, can be a bit dangerous in areas of higher intensity.

  1. Cycling

When all else fail, rent a bike and dash down the off-beaten path. Paved roads or trails, the experience is basically the same, provided you enjoy the cool breeze!


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