Malo'o Fish & Game Rack

Regular price $49.99

Now you can take the Malo'o Rack with you to the stream, ocean or lake. Our new patent pending, Rack Clips, hold your rods/guns upright against the rack. No more "falling over". The clips hold your rods/guns in place. It's like another set of hands! Place the clips upright on the rack and now you've got a place to hold your rods while you tie flies or many other adjustments. You can place your lures, sinkers, hooks, bobbers, flies and more in the try for easy handling. 

The Malo'o Fish & Game Rack includes (1) Rack, (2) Rack Clips for rods (2) Big Rack Clips for larger rods or guns and (1) Rack Tray. The Rack Clips and Rack Tray are in black. 

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