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Malo'o outerwear is designed for active outdoor adventurer's. Weather you love to fish, surf, or just enjoy the outdoors, Malo'o gear is designed to keep you warm or dry. 

The Malo'o WaterParka and Surf Poncho are perfect for after swimming or surf sessions and provide a lot of cover when changing.

The Malo'o WetHoodie™ is designed for fishing. The neoprene arms will keep the water from running up the arms and provide warmth in harsh environments. 

The SPF50+ Malo'o Fishing Shirt will provide sun protection while wicking away moisture and the Malo'o hat makes you look cool while provide some sun relief. 

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Malo'o Racks WetHoodie Malo'o WetHoodie™ Fishing Gear
Malo'o WetHoodie™ Fishing Gear
  • $99.95
  • From $89.95
Malo'o Racks Surf Poncho Malo'o Surf Poncho
Malo'o Surf Poncho
  • $59.95
Malo'o Racks WaterParka Malo'o SurfParka XL
Malo'o SurfParka XL
  • $99.95
Malo’o Performance Fishing Shirt - Malo'o Racks
Malo’o Performance Fishing Shirt
  • $29.95
Malo'o Hat - Malo'o Racks
Malo'o Hat
  • $25.00