Malo'o DryRack RV / Van / Boat Edition

  • $56.95


The Malo’o DryRack RV / Van / Boat Edition is designed for outdoor enthusiasts on the go with their 5th wheel, trailer, motorhome, van, or boat so you can hold and dry your gear, anywhere!

This Malo’o DryRack includes a heavy-duty suction cup that can be used inside or outdoors, and hold up to 20 lbs. No more hanging your towels and gear on chairs, bushes, awnings, or anything you can find. Simply stick the suction cup to smooth walls, glass, ceilings, windows, showers, doors, or any smooth surface where you can maintain suction, and slide the top of the Malo’o DryRack handle into the open hook. Make sure the rubber padding behind the rack hinges is also making contact, and you’re good to go!

For vehicles with low side windows or large ridges that prevent the rubber bumpers from making contact, or if you just want to hang really long items, place the suction cup on the top of a side window to hang your DryRack there. With padding on the handle, hinges, and suction cup back to prevent scratching, this is the ultimate drying rack accessory for RV camping, boating, van life, and other outdoor activities. The versatile DryRack has two drying bars and can be opened flat so you can hang it from a ceiling to dry even more items.

• Malo’o DryRack RV/Van / Boat Edition includes: (1) DryRack & (1) Suction Cup
• 20 lb. holding capacity (rack and hook)
• 21.1” l x 11.95” h x 3” w (closed) 21.1” x 11.95” x 11.95” (open)
• Weighs 2.7lbs
• Includes heavy-duty suction cups to attach to most smooth surfaces
• Protective rubber padding on the handle, hinges, and cup back so it won't scratch
• Conveniently folds flat for easy storage and space savings
• Two drying bars so you can dry multiple items at once, or open it fully to hang from a ceiling for even more drying space

  • Attach the suction cup to any flat surface, inside or out, and engage the lock
  • Make sure it is attached at a place big enough for the DryRack to hang
  • Open the DryRack and place the padded handle into the suction cup hook
  • Make sure the hinge pads are also making contact with the surface. The DryRack should be making contact with the surface at the handle and hinge pad points.
  • Remove the DryRack and store it for the next use. Suction cups can be left on the smooth surface for a month at a time.