The Lounge Wagon™

The Lounge Wagon™ is an outdoor wagon designed for relaxation. It features a durable frame with four wheels, a padded seat, and a backrest with pockets. The wagon also comes with a cargo net for easy gear hauling.

It's perfect for outdoor activities like sporting events, beach trips, camping, tailgating, and picnics, and can be easily folded down for storage in a closet or trunk. Made from steel, aluminum, and plastic, it can hold up to 500 pounds or 2 Adults in sitting mode.

The 3-in-1 Wagon

The Lounge Wagon is for when it's time to go. The outdoors are calling, and you must answer it. Why? Because you love being outdoors! The Lounge Wagon is for outdoor moments and places. Any place, Any time. Whether it be the beach or the soccer field, your kid's ball game, or the community concert, the Lounge Wagon can haul your gear to any event while knowing you'll have comfortable seating and pleasant shade when you get there. So the next time the gang is heading out, make sure the Lounge Wagon is there to assist.

Family Fun!

What Lounge Wagon customers are saying:


"I just wanted to thank you!!! At my son’s baseball game, we were watching in comfort in our lounge wagon when my son limped off the field. Eventually coach said “he landed wrong on his foot while running the bases, and its swelling”. I literally went to the dugout and had him sit in the wagon with his foot up to take him to the car. Apparently him NOT walking on it to the parking lot (quite a distance away) saved him from surgery! Just a cast and some healing time thanks to you. 💖 Your product is a dream come true for more than just convenience and comfort. THANK YOU!!! - Erin S.


"I bought one for myself back in March or April (to my home address in Falmouth, Maine). I used it for the first time (and tagged you in my FB post) and I received so many compliments. I followed your wagon since its beginning on Kickstarter (but waited to buy once I started seeing scams, not knowing who the REAL seller/company was). The two I just bought I plan to give away at my company to employees for a Summer raffle. Hopefully my efforts in buying three Lounge Wagons earns you more sales from others who see them and instantly fall in love as I have." - Kevin M.


"A gift for my son in law/daughter and 3 grandkids. Makes trips to the beach, soccer and baseball fields a piece of cake, especially with a 20 month old. No more trips back and forth from the car!" - Carolyn S.

WARNING: Sorry, our lawyers made us add this: "When sitting down in the Lounge Wagon, make sure the front wheels are facing straight forward and that you have strapped up the pull handle. If the steering wheels are not aligned forward, the wagon can tip backwards."