DryRack Mounting

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The Malo'o DryRack is portable and great for drying your surfing, camping, snowboarding, and outdoor gear.
From wetsuits to wet clothes, and so much more, the Malo’o DryRack hangs from the side mirror of any car, truck, van, SUV, RV, boat - you name it - and includes padding so it won’t scratch. With the ability to hang from anything, anytime, anywhere, you can now enjoy more of what you love to do without the weight of wet clothes or gear holding you back.
We also created the DryRack to easily collapse, so it can be stored in your car when it’s not in use. More space means more room for surfboards, snowboards and other gear.
Whether you’re camping, surfing, boarding, or just drying something out, you can always rely on Malo’o to hold the heaviest of wet gear. If you happen to be wetsuit drying, don't use a hanger that stretches out your suit, use the Malo'o DryRack and you'll see it dry in half the time.
The Malo'o DryRack is the perfect complement to your ski, bike or roof rack and it includes padding to make sure no damage is left behind. So take on the outdoors - hike, fish, hunt or whatever you enjoy, rinse out your items and let Malo'o dry them for you.
Send your great shots of your DryRack in action to social@malooracks.com or get us @malooracks and we'll post them up and out!