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The Malo'o DryRack and Malo’o Fish & Game Rack are portable, durable, and ideal for drying and holding your surfing, camping, snowboarding, hunting, and fishing outdoor gear.

Originally designed to slide over the side view mirror of most vehicles, the Malo’o Racks have developed into anywhere, anytime gear racks that can be used inside or out. With the Malo’o cinch strap, you can attach the DryRack to just about anything. Poles, basketball hoops, roof racks, beams, door frames, and more.

The new Malo’o suction cup brings the versatility of the car rack to new heights. Attachable to any smooth surface, you can now hang the DryRack in the shower, from the ceiling, and on the sides of RVs, trailers, and boats. If you have a vehicle that is low to the ground and you can’t use the DryRack on the side view mirror, simply place the suction cup at the top of one of your side windows and place the rack in the hook.

If you need mounting for balconies, fences, door handles, and more, we’ve got suggestions for them also. Malo’o racks are designed to easily collapse, so it can be stored under the seat, in the trunk, or the back, when not in use. More space means more room for fly fishing gear, waterproof backpacks, and RV accessories. You can also hook your Malo'o rack to your Thule or Yakima ski, bike, or roof rack.

Do you have a unique way of attaching? Please send a picture through our contact page or get us @malooracks and we'll post them up and out!


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