Van Life Must Have Gadgets

Van Life Must Have Gadgets

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Van Life

If you love adventures, you will love this list of Van Life accessories. Every single item on this list is something that every van or RV enthusiast will need to make their life easier while they travel. From thermostats that automatically pull from the engine and solar panels for power to heated blankets and boots, our list covers a wide variety of items to help make camper van life more enjoyable for you. Adventures are meant to be enjoyed and you will never really know what you can experience out there until you go get in your van and go find it. Going on an adventure with your van offers a lot of benefits.

The first benefit of van life is that it gives you more freedom when exploring and living off the land. This can be especially beneficial if you want to go out on a few hunting trips with your family. The whole family can relax on a comfortable bed, in a warm space where they will enjoy the fresh air and get some much-needed rest while out in the wilds of nature. They can even cook up some fresh steaks or catch up on some reading around the fire.

The next benefit that van life offers is the ability to drive one of the best vehicles on the road. These vans and motor coaches are built to last, and they are not going to let you down. A trip in a van will allow you to explore beautiful places with your family or go out into nature in search of some fresh adventure.

Van life can also be a great way to save money. In many cases, campervan life can become cheaper than renting an apartment. Once you purchase the van and pay for the mods, you can save a lot of money in motels and restaurants. RV parks are a great way to save as well. These parks offer beautiful amenities that can enhance your trip. A pool can provide hours of fun with your family and friends, free hot showers make it easy to stay clean, and cable TV will often have movie channels for those rainy nights. If you like to cook on the road, be sure to purchase a portable electric grill.

Safety and Security Essentials

Your safety and security are important issues when you are on the road. Here is the list of essential items that you need to buy when going out on the road.

• LED light strips

These LED light strips are so bright they can even be used to illuminate your kitchen or dining room from inside your van or RV. Just plug them in and use them over your cabinets or under the countertops for a nice glow. They look modern and stylish, so you're sure to add a pop of color to any kitchen you install them in! They're also portable, so you can take them with you on your trips, giving you the flexibility to have enough light on whenever needed.

• Flashlights
They are a huge help when you need to navigate in your van, especially at night. With a strong beam, you can see the path on the road ahead of you, and their compact size makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere.

• Passport security device

Passports must always be stored inside your van or RV when on the road. That's why these devices are crucial to secure your passport from being stolen, or even worse, getting lost. A passport security device allows you to route your passport through a small slot in the device and then strap it to your arm for easy access.

• Toolkit and wrench set

Having a toolkit packed with the essentials will make life easier when you're on the road. Wrenches will be handy if you want to work on car repairs or other adjustments inside your van, while screwdrivers can get rid of any cramped nuts or bolts that are causing issues.

• Fire extinguisher

Good safety practices emphasize the need for everyone to be able to quickly recognize, assess, and put out a fire. Since small spaces increase the likelihood of fires in vans, it might be a good idea to buy an extinguisher.

• Tire pressure monitoring system

This system is highly recommended for drivers who frequently travel on rough terrains, such as those who are on the road, and even those who go off-road frequently. This helps balance the difference in pressure between the front tires and back tires to give you a smoother ride while on the road or off it.

• Heated blankets

Heated blankets or electric blankets can work wonders on cold nights or when you're sleeping in sub-zero weather. They give off a nice, comfortable heat that you can use to keep yourself cozy. Most importantly, they save space as one can do the work of several.

• GPS Navigation

GPS trackers are perfect for off-road travelers who want to keep their vans within a certain distance from one another. Whether you're going camping or on an RV trip with your spouse, GPS trackers can be installed on your car, and you can use them to find the route to your destination.

• Roadside emergency kit

Having a roadside emergency kit ensures that you're always prepared for an emergency when you're on the road. Some of the items that typically go in this kit include compressed air canisters, jumper cables, flares and even a first aid kit.

• Pepper spray

There are crazy people everywhere. I’m not fond of guns, so I’ll go for pepper spray which can easily be taken with you whenever you're out on the road to ensure your safety. On your long trips, while travelling through remote areas, this is one of the best available alternatives to carry a gun.

• COVID Supplies - Hand sanitizer or hand wipes

Hand sanitizer or hand wipes are needed when you're camping and when you want clean hands after working out in the cold. They help beat the chill while having clean hands and are portable enough to bring them everywhere with you from one trip to another.

Van Life Accessories for Kitchen

While on the road, it is essential to ensure that your health is your priority. These items help ensure that your meals are still nutritious for you to enjoy when van life can get busy.

• Portable Java maker

This portable coffee maker is perfect for those who need their morning fix! This is a great appliance to have while on the road. You just need hot water and you're good to go! This makes it easy to have coffee even if you are in the middle of nowhere.

• Coffee grinder

You can't cook without grinding your coffee beans! This portable coffee grinder is easy to carry, and it gets the job done just fine, making your coffee grounds nice and fine. Just put your beans inside, twist the grinding wheel, and voila! You have a fresh cup of coffee for your morning drive or for when you're sharing stories with other travelers by the campfire at night.

• Meal prep containers - Tupperware

Meal prep containers are a great way to keep your meals fresh and prevent food from spoiling. This is a fairly new trend, and many consider this to be one of the van life essentials. These containers are affordable, portable, and easy to use. You can easily store your food on the road while they keep it fresh inside them.

• Flask or personal bottle

You don’t want to wash out glasses or pollute the environment with disposable water bottles. Get a great thermos, flask or personal liquid device and use it full time.

• Thermos
An insulated thermos is great for keeping soup or drinks hot or cold for longer periods. These items are also great for keeping coffee or hot chocolate in for those chilly nights or when you're waiting on your friends at night.

• Ice packs or backpack coolers

These are for those who want to keep their food and drinks cool without refrigeration. Simply put the ice packs in the backpack cooler or any place where you would like to keep your foods fresh, and they will do the rest! These ice packs are great and last a long time

• Salt & pepper shakers

Basic seasoning - Salt and pepper shakers are essential on the road! When you're eating out every day, you're bound to miss these two. This is a necessity for those who enjoy their meals seasoned with salt and pepper. These portable shakers will go inside your cupboard or tableware when you're done with them so that they don't take up too much space in your van. They come in different colors as well as various styles, making it easy to choose one that matches your taste!

• Silicone spatulas

These are great for those who like cooking on the road. They are easy to clean and a great way to ensure that you have the best tasting meals all the time. These spatulas are also perfect for stirring hot oil without getting burned.

• Utensil pouch

This is a must for anyone who enjoys eating out or cooking at home! You can carry all of your utensils in one place, and they're easy to clean up after use as well. It's all in one pouch, so it's convenient and easy to store!

• Cutting board

Some people choose to purchase a large cutting board where they can store all of their kitchen knives and utensils. This is great for those who want extra space to prepare their meals and can be placed anywhere in the van without taking up too much space.

• Instant pot

The instant pot is gaining popularity among the campervan life community because it's a versatile appliance that has many functions. It can be plugged into an AC hook up or a DC hook up and can also be used inside a vehicle without having to worry about it melting or overheating.

• Portable water heater

This portable water heater is great when you're camping with other people. It can easily be plugged into the van's extension cord and runs on 12 volts of electricity. Sometimes you just need some hot water to rinse or shower off.

• Scissors

Living on the road, many people choose to purchase a pair of portable scissors since they're lightweight and can be stored anywhere. They come in handy for cutting simple things such as chicken or other types of meat, as well as paper, plastic, or even string if you need to tie up your trash. They're small and lightweight, so don't take up too much space while they make your life easier!

• Measuring cups & spoons

These are essential when you're cooking at home or when you're making a recipe while you're on the road. They're lightweight and easy to use, and they can be stored anywhere in your van.

• Mini fridge

These mini fridges are great for those who like keeping their food cold and fresh while they're on the road. They're affordable and compact, so they won't take up too much space in your van or cabin while they keep everything nice and cool.

Van Life Tech Gadgets

Living on the road with a van means you probably aren't at home much. You're usually traveling and can't use your home tools often, but between the van and camping gear, there are plenty of cool van life gadgets that you can bring to make your life on the road a little bit easier.

• Power banks

When it comes to having a portable charger, power banks are the way to go. They let you charge up your phone quickly and keep them charged for long periods. You can even use these while driving so that you don't have to stop or worry about whether or not your phone will last until the next charging point!

• Laptop

Since many people decide to quit their jobs when they decide to live in a van full-time, they often get creative jobs as they travel around. Many of these creative jobs involve the use of a laptop so that they can write or create whatever it is that they're trying to make!

• Portable solar system

Sometimes when you're living out of a van, you're very limited in your options for power. This is when a portable solar panel will come in handy. You can charge up your phone and even use it as an emergency power source for many small items if you live on the road!

• DryRack

Malo’o invented these. It a portable rack that you can hang inside or outside to dry your clothes, gear, suits and more. Space is always limited and sometimes hand washing articles is the way to go. Stick the rack to the side of your van and your stuff will be dry in short order.

• Tunes - Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Music is a must-have when you're living on the road or camping out in the wilderness, and these speakers are perfect for that! They can be mounted anywhere and they're waterproof, making them perfect for any occasion.

• WiFi hotspots and satellite dish

Sometimes living in a van can be very hard on internet access. Even if you have good cellular internet, there are some places where it's still challenging to get to the web or even watch Netflix or Hulu without stuttering. WiFi hotspots are a great thing to have when you're living on the road, especially if you want to check in with your family or friends back home.

• Power inverter/charger

These inverters allow you to charge many different devices such as your phone, laptop and even your camera! They are perfect for people who don't have access to electricity, so these items can be a lifesaver if you're living by the roadside!

• 2-Way radios

Bi-directional radios are what many van life enthusiasts love because they bring a new level of convenience for those on the road. You can communicate with whoever you're around and even listen to your favorite radio stations on the go!

• Portable shower

This shower is great for people who want to rinse off when they're out and about. It's compact and easy to set up where you need it so that you can take a nice hot shower whenever you want! This is also good for people who enjoy going out and exploring, such as hikers and campers.

• Laundry system

Laundry can always be a problem when you're living on the road. Laundromats aren't always an option and most of the time; you're on the road to get away from having to do that kind of work. This laundry system is a great alternative to see to all your laundry needs without having to leave home. You can choose from a variety of options ranging from the washing machine to the dryer and even the type of fabric you need on the go!

• Portable toilet

Sometimes when you're traveling and don't have the option to use a public restroom, this toilet is your only alternative. It's an easy way to get rid of your waste and it's comfortable enough so that you won't feel like you're hovering over an open hole.

• Tire inflators

If you're going to be out and about, you're going to have at least one flat tire. This is a must-have for people who are traveling in the wilderness or along the road. These portable units help you quickly repair your tires with little hassle.

• Extra batteries

For all of your portable electronic devices, like cameras, you're going to want extra batteries. Not only are they useful when you're traveling in remote areas, but they can be really useful if your device ever runs out of power while you're out.

Van Life Wearable Gear Essentials

When you're living out of a van, you're no longer able to have all the conveniences that you would have in a house. This means that you need to get creative and find ways to get around. You'll have to pick up some essentials for your lifestyle and make sure that you're as organized as possible!

• Dry Bags and Storage Bags

Van life enthusiasts often travel on multiple festival trips or even weekend road trips to see their friends, family, and other loved ones. It can be difficult to pack everything they need because they don't have the space or resources of a regular home. These storage bags are perfect for any small object, which makes it easier for folks who are living on the road!

• Camping and festival gear

While some people keep their festival and camping gear in the van, others prefer to have it in backpacks or duffle bags. Either way, this gear is important to have and is a great way of making sure that you're prepared for all sorts of situations.

• Waterproof backpack

Some people prefer to have a regular backpack, so that's why it's important to make sure that you're carrying one that is waterproof. This way you can still carry your items with you and not worry about getting them wet!

• Headlamp

A lot of people find that they need to get up in the middle of the night when they're camping. This can be difficult if you have to go outside and don't want to carry a flashlight or light. That's why investing in a headlamp can be a lifesaver! They're very easy to use and you'll still be able to keep your hands free for whatever you may need.

• Clothing items

When you're living out of a van or tent, it's important to make sure that your clothing is organized properly. That's why it's important to organize your clothing and make sure that they are easy to find when you need them.

• Extra waterproof packing cubes

You need to be very organized when you're living out of a van so that you can have everything in its place. That's why should always add the ability to get all of your backpacking gear wet and still keep it dry by using these packing cubes. These will help you keep your items in the order and organized.

Camper van Accessories That Are Not Too Essential

Although these van life gadgets are not essentials, they are still great to have around! This is because they can make your life a whole lot easier and a lot more convenient. These are especially good if you travel on the road frequently or if you're planning to do so soon!

• Inflatable raft

If you're planning to go out to the water any time soon, you must have a raft to float in just in case something happens. This is great for people who are canoeing or kayaking because they are still going to have room for their other belongings.

• Hammock

Hammocks are a perfect item to have when you're living out of your van. That's because they provide a way for you to relax, hang out with your friends and still have easy access to all your other belongings. A hammock can easily be carried in a backpack, which makes it very portable.

• Frisbee set

Frisbees can be used in a lot of ways, whether it's for games or entertainment. You can play with these in your backyard or on the water and they can be used as a way to relax. These are great for people who are looking to stay cool and have fun while getting their daily activities done!

• Cornhole toss game set

One of the ways to stay busy when you live out of your van is through recreational activities. This is why having a cornhole toss set can be very helpful. It's great for people who like nothing more than having an exciting game that they all enjoy playing together.

• Waterproof playing cards

Playing cards are generally a great choice for being able to play games with friends or family members that are also living out of a van. You can play card games and have a lot of fun time together. Playing cards are perfect for people who are living out of their van because you can easily carry them in a backpack.

• Games

Games are another great way to play with your friends or family and to pass the time when you're living out of your van. You can both play cards or board games and have a lot of fun while you do so!

• Books

Books are an ideal way to pass the time when you're living out of your van. You don't need to have anything else with you and you can easily get lost in your imagination. This is helpful if you want to get away from reality for a while and don't necessarily have anything else to occupy yourself.

• Backpacking equipment

If you are planning to go out into the wilderness or have any outdoor activities planned, you must add these outdoor gear essentials to your list of essentials. This is because they will make sure that you're as prepared as possible and will help you have a great time!

• Pen/Journal

Living out of your van can be difficult. That's because it can be very isolating and you may not have anyone to talk to. That's why having a pen and journal is important so that you can express yourself and get your thoughts down on paper. This is a great way of releasing negative thoughts and frustrations without others being able to judge you.

Necessary Toiletry Essentials

Living on the ragged edge can be difficult, especially when you don't have much. To make things easier, you need to have the right essentials with you at all times.

• Toiletries bag

A toiletries bag is a great way to be able to organize all of your toiletries and keep them with you at all times. You'll want to make sure that you find one that will last a while and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

• Body sash/shampoo

Having body wash and shampoo will be helpful because it can help you to feel more refreshed when you're living out of your van. You can use it with water and it will help you to get clean in a jiffy.

• Conditioner

Conditioner can be used to get your hair looking nice and relaxed when you're living out of your van. You'll want to use a lot of conditioners so that it'll help you to have more volume in your hair.

• Hair-styling product

Hairstyling products can be really helpful for keeping your hair looking nice and neat when you're living out of your van. You'll want to use a lot of styling products so that you can have the perfect hairstyle.

• Toothbrush

Having a toothbrush is important because it will help you to be able to brush your teeth without having an awkward and uncomfortable experience. It's also important that you get something with a lot of bristles so that it will be easy for you to clean your teeth effectively and efficiently.

• Toothpaste

Having toothpaste is important because it will help you to get rid of any bad breath that you may have when you're living out of your van. It's also important that you choose a toothpaste with a lot of fluorides so that it will keep your teeth clean and healthy.

• Deodorant

Deodorant can help to keep you smelling fresh and clean when you're living out of your van. It'll help you to feel like you're at home and will also keep you looking clean and organized.

• Bug spray

Bug spray is important when you're living out of your van because it will help to repel any bugs that might try to get into your van. This can happen easily if there are holes in the windows or screen.

Essential Documents

Some of the accessories that are available on the market can make your life a whole lot easier. These are great because they will help you have a lot more fun and to stay organized while you're living out of your van!

• Passport

Having a Passport is one of the most important accessories because it will help you to travel around the world without any trouble. If you are planning to go anywhere anytime soon and need to show proof of identification, you'll want to make sure that your Passport is available with you at all times.

• ID cards

Having more than one ID card can be very helpful for those who are living out of their vans or cars. That's because it can be used in a lot of different situations, whether it be at the hospital or a bank.

• Medical insurance

Medical Insurance is important so that you'll have access to medical assistance if you need it while living out of your van. It's important to have this on hand just in case something happens and you may need emergency help.

• Itinerary

Having an itinerary will help you to be able to get your life in order as much as possible. That's because it can provide you with a list of all of the things that you need to do so that you don't forget about anything.

• Car registration

If you want to be protected against theft, underage drivers and other potential issues, having car registration is a great idea. This can help you to avoid fines and other dangers that may arise if you don't have this with you.

• Car insurance

Car insurance is another accessory that should be in your possession at all times. This is because it will protect you from financial losses in the event of an accident or a theft, which can happen at any time!

• Driver’s license

Having a driver's license will allow you to go through any red lights and intersections and you'll be able to drive around safely. This is great because it can help keep you from getting caught up in any accidents and also help you to become more responsible with your driving skills.


There you have it, a list of the most important accessories for living out of your van. As you can see, each accessory is very important and will help you to be able to live in the wilderness without any problems. It’s best that if you're ever planning on going out into the wilderness or having an adventure you make sure that all of these van life accessories are on hand and easily accessible!

While shopping for the necessary items, look for a brand that will last. Be sure to check the reviews on products before purchasing. You may want something new or different, but keep in mind that the products will likely last several years. Finding the right gear can be tricky, as there are a ton of options out there and it can get overwhelming quickly. The best way to find what you need is by speaking to experienced outdoorsmen first or by doing research online. The cost of the right van life gear can be intimidating, so it is best to take your time and not spend more than you need.

The first step is to find out what type of trip you're doing. Do you want to go hiking or camping, or explore a new area? Most people who are looking for the right gear will want something that will work for a wide range of trips. The next step is to look at your budget. Can you afford the needed gear? Once you've done those two steps and feel like you've bought everything that you need, it's time to go outdoors and test everything out.

You should carry items in your vehicle that you need for each trip (sleeping bag, gas and food when going camping) but do not bring items that are specific to your trip. For example, you would not bring a laptop on your backpacking trip because you will most likely be in the woods for more than a day. After you have used the gear that you bought, contact the manufacturer, and let them know that it works well for your needs. Even if you do not buy all of your gear at once, make sure that it is organized. You don't want to be driving around in a van with no cup holders or place to put things like keys and razors because they will get lost or damaged.

Enjoy your adventure.

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